5 Reasons to Attend PodCamp Toronto 2014

Pod­Camp Toronto is touted as “Canada’s largest gath­er­ing of cre­ative, tech, and dig­i­tal pro­fes­sion­als.” The 2013 edition of this two-day unconference featured just shy of 60 different sessions with beginner, intermediate and advanced streams, so there was something for everyone to choose from.

2013 topics included: the art of storytelling, all about the Vine app, tips for lead generation

This being my fifth year attending PodCamp Toronto, I thought it would right to share my top five reasons to attend the annual event.

PodCamp Toronto 2013

Photo Source: 2013.podcamptoronto.com

Why you should attend:

  1. It’s free! (but a donation might be nice) – Considering the quality of speakers and access to information you’ll be getting, it’s amazing that this is a community-organized event. Though you can register and attend at no cost, feel free to donate some funds to help the organizing team offset the cost of the event. As a former WordCamp Toronto co-organizer, I know how expensive it is to put on a conference of this scale, so thanks to the sponsors and the community for chipping in to allow this great event to happen every year.

  2. The content – The high caliber of speakers makes PodCamp a must-attend event. You’ll be getting access to a wealth of knowledge from industry leaders who want to contribute to the conversation within the community.

  3. The networking! – There will be plenty of networking opportunities available throughout the weekend. Between sessions the hallways fill with people which make this one of the best times to shake hands with the CEO of a new startup or the head of digital strategy from a company you’ve been following. There’s always a party at the conclusion of day one where you’ll be able to extend the conversations you started during your first day of PodCamp.

  4. It’s fun – PodCamp is more laid back than most paid conferences. Everyone for the most part is open-minded and ready to learn and listen to new ideas and you’re bound to meet some friendly new faces.

  5. There’s something for everyone – Regardless of your background (marketing, pr, web development) or level of expertise, there really is something for everyone at PodCamp. The only downside is not being able to attend everything you want. Given the number and variety of sessions to choose from, research the schedule in advance so you can plan out your timetable. PodCamp uses the law of two feet. If you’re not getting much out of a session, get up and go to a different one.

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#TIFF13: A Social Media Recap

The 2013 Toronto International Film Festival has come to an end. It’s a bittersweet time knowing the work is done after a whirlwind 11 days plus the weeks leading up to Festival but also a relief knowing it’s over for another year.

This year was our strongest yet, with record attendance, and most number of tweets using the official Festival hashtag #TIFF13. We’ve been keeping track since the 2012 Festival ended last year, since then there have been over 220,000 tweets with #TIFF13. We deliberately promoted the hashtag everywhere we could, including in cinema, on marketing materials, across all of our social media channels and in press releases. Everyone from Zac Efron to InStyle magazine were using the hashtag and our Twitter handle (@TIFF_NET).

Zac Efron Tweet

Instyle article featuring the #TIFF13 hashtag

If you want to learn more about who tweeted during Festival, read this article on Canada.com and this study done by MediaMiser.

We knew video was going to play a major part in the overall Festival experience, so we created a unique series of Vine videos to specifically capture some of those exciting moments.

We hosted a Reddit AMA pre-Festival with our programmers, which is essentially a Q & A session where people can ask anything. View the full AMA here.

On the day of the talent announcement, we created and linked to a Pinterest board to accompany the press release that was going out to the media.

Talent Pinterest Board

Lastly, we created a bingo card with fun items to photograph during the Festival. We encouraged guests to tag their Instagram photos with #TIFF13Bingo.

Instagram Bingo

The bingo card that was used to play Instagram Bingo with during #TIFF13.

I’m Speaking at the 2013 Digital Media Summit

Digital Media Summit logoI’m excited to be participating at this year’s Digital Media Summit. The two day social media and interactive marketing conference, features everything from cross platform monetization to social media ROI and content branding.

Cindy Gallop, an advertising and brand consultant I saw speak at Mashable Connect 2012 will be speaking. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her present. She was easily one of the most entertaining and engaging speakers at Mashable Connect and I know she will bring her spark back to DMS.

I’ll be participating on the panel Going Social Live: Real-Time Marketing and Engagement Through Social Media from 11:40AM – 12:30PM on March 20. If you’re attending the conference, come say hello!

Digital Media Summit Panel Description

Downtown Marriot

You’re late, you’re late…for a very important date!


It’s almost December, so that means it’s almost time for another Gratitude Tea! This charity event is all about raising spirits, receiving praise and spreading goodwill. Well actually it is a formal way to say ‘thank you’ to that unsung hero in your life We are giving you the grandest of opportunities to speak out about that special person in a way that they will always remember. Bringing a guest is just as special too. Just by bringing them as your guest speaks volumes to how they have impacted your life.

Oh and there is tea too! Lots of yummy sweets and treats, clotted cream and tiny sandwiches that only Marie Antoinette would approve of.

Where: Rosewater

When: Sunday December 5, 2010

Time: 1:00 to 3:30 pm.




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Cupcake Camp Toronto 2010

Seriously, what makes you happier than a cupcake? Okay, a few things but the cupcake I’m sure ranks high on most people’s lists of stuff they like.

Enter Cupcake Camp. A meet-up for cupcake fanatics, makers and bakers and shakers in the cupcake-making industry. Based on the BarCamp/DemoCamp style of conference, Cupcake Camp allows cupcake entrepreneurs and hobbyists the chance to showcase their sweet creations to the eager samplers of Toronto.

Traditional cupcakes like the vanilla, chocolate, red velvet and mint chocolate variety were available for sampling but interestingly enough people went to the extreme with some flavours. Elvis cupcakes in particular were all the rage. There were at least three different cupcakes that featured the banana-peanut butter combo that the King made so famous and one even had bacon on it! Speaking of bacon, there were three kinds of cupcakes that included bacon. I can’t say that I’m a big fan of meat with my sweets but it was worth trying out.

There were edible gold cupcakes, pear and green tea, strawberry daiquiri, orange creamsicle, black forest flavoured ones among the 50 or more varieties they had to try.

The most creative had to be the cupcakes in the flower pots, with crumbs on top to look like dirt, a flower sticking out and gummy worms for added realism. My favourite of the day though, was the cheeseburger cupcake that looked so much like an actual hamburger you would think there was meat in it.

If you ever want to sample more cupcakes than you can imagine, then find a way to get yourself to Cupcake Camp Toronto 2011!

The PodCamp Toronto 2010 Survival Guide

PodCamp Toronto 2010

February 20 to 21, 2010

Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University

Ah PodCamp…a great event that demands your full attention. Can you handle the responsibility of learning from great veteran speakers and ambitious newbies this weekend?

If you have never been to a camp before or even if you have and you saw the schedule of events on podcamptoronto.com, it’s enough to intimidate the most fearless of conference hoppers.
Fear not young PodCampers! If you are ready to tackle PCT 2010, I assure you it will be a fun and exciting weekend.

The PodCamp Challenge:

  • Pick 5 sessions that stand out to you – Attend at least 5 sessions if you can. You may not want to stay for the whole weekend as a first timer but if you are going to come out, make it worthwhile and attend a few sessions you think you will enjoy.
  • It doesn’t matter which sessions you attend – The great thing about PodCamp is you learn from everyone. You learn from the speakers, from the people you network with and that includes the time in between sessions.
  • Meet at least 5 new people – That shouldn’t be hard to do considering PCT attracts hundreds to its event every year.
  • Write down people’s Twitter handles and other contact information – Be sure to follow up with them post-event.
  • Bring some business cards – Even if you are student, there are cheap and easy ways to get your information down on a piece of paper to hand out to people.
  • Take a recording device – Bring a video camera, digital camera, paper and pen or computer and share your ideas with other people who attended.
  • Attend the after parties – Sure this sounds like fun..and it is but it is also a great way to meet people and network in a social setting.
  • Follow the Twitter stream @PodCampToronto, to hear what people are saying about the event in real time.
  • Take notes, learn, take more notes, ask questions and soak up as much information as you can.

If you are very new to the world of social media, attend these sessions:

  • Podcasting for Amateurs: It’s Priceless
  • Social Media 101
  • The PodCamp Three (or Maybe Four or Even Five)


The bottom line is anyone who attends PodCamp is in a unique position to collect and absorb a ton of insight from leading experts for free! This event is one of the best because of the quality of speakers and knowledge that is shared over the course of the weekend. So get as much as you can out of PCT 2010 and have fun!

A New Open Source Project that Will Change the World

Combine a remarkable humanitarian, open source technology, a Hollywood producer, Hugh Jackman and millions of volunteers from around the world and you have a project that has the potential to change the world. 1.4 Billion Reasons is a presentation being viewed around the world in person and online. The best part is you don’t have to wait for Hugh Evans, like Al Gore 2.0 to come to your city to understand that extreme poverty is a crucial issue that can be eradicated in our lifetime with the right tools and the willingness of everyday people to want to do something.

Hugh Evans, sort of like the Craig Kielburger of Australia started the movement in his hometown and picked up momentum when Chris Adams, Executive Producer of An Inconvenient Truth, Good Night and Good Luck, Syriana and other Hollywood films wanted to film Hugh and his team as they toured their presentation around the world. Hugh Jackman jumped on board as the celebrity spokesperson and soon you may see, Adams, Evans and Jackman on stage at the Oscar’s accepting an award for best documentary film.

We had the chance to talk with the GPP team when they rolled into town for the Toronto International Film Festival and debuted their presentation to North America at the Danforth Music Hall.

The GPP team are using the power of the web to spread the extreme poverty message to the masses. Through the use of social media, you can share the presentation in your home town, in front of your class, youth group or community by going to www.globalpovertyproject.com and downloading the slides. You can even customize the presentation to the audience you will be speaking to.

Harnessing the power of social media to do some good in this world…to learn more visit www.globalpovertyproject.com