The Importance of Facebook’s New Relevance Score

Facebook Relevance Score Target

On February 11, Facebook announced the introduction of a Relevance Score for advertisers on their platform. Having this new metric available will allow marketers to understand how relevant their ads are to the audiences they’re targeting.

Facebook Relevance Score Example

Facebook’s unveiling of this new feature is important because marketers have been producing content they think might be resonating with their audience based on engagement metrics or having a good click-through-rate. Now there is a better benchmark for success.

Similar to Google’s Quality Score, the more relevant the ad, the better it will perform and the less you will pay. Facebook wants to show the right content to the right people and will reward advertisers who provide quality and relevant content for their targeted audience.

Just like marketers A/B test content, experimentation with targeting different groups with various images and copy will help clarify what resonates best with what group.

If the campaign has already started, ads with a lower rank can be paused or creative can be refreshed in order to try to move up in the ranks.

Arm wrestling

Having a high relevance score is not a guarantee that the ad will beat the competition. If two ads are targeting the same audience and they both have a high score, the one with the higher bid will likely outperform the ad with a lower bid amount.

In order to receive a relevance score, your ad must be served more than 500 times. Anything less and you have too few impressions to calculate a score.



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