Becoming a Technical Marketer: Part One

Awhile back, I was asked to do an informational interview for someone who was starting out in their career. I shared a lot about what I knew, but what I wasn’t expecting was how much I would learn in return. My interviewer turned out to be a fountain of knowledge.

Have you heard of the term “Growth Hacking” I was asked. What is a Growth Hacker? I responded.
This newly coined term, one who was part engineer, part marketer, was going to change the face of marketing, apparently, so I decided to investigate.

Growth Hacker Marketing by Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis, one of the leading experts on the subject of growth.

From there I dove into any resources on the subject, excited to learn about this new development in the evolution of marketing. I read Ryan Holiday’s Growth Hacker Marketing, how he too had been thrown for a loop when he discovered the newest recruits coming out of school were responsible for disruptive growth at major start-ups and changing the face of marketing. I found resources on the subject from Neil Patel and Bronson Taylor. I even joined the Toronto Meetup on the subject.

Sign from the Growth Hackers Conference
This you could say was one of the key turning points in a plan to go down the road to become a technical marketer. I’ve had experience with blogging, building adwords campaigns and dabbled in SEO, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to throw myself into it, in an effort to become more technically savvy. So this is post one of my adventures in becoming a technical marketer. What does that even mean? I’m not so sure myself, but I’m documenting my experiences so I can share my challenges and adventures of what lies ahead.


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