5 Events at SXSW for Community Managers

SXSW Exterior Shot

Source: sxsw.com

We’re a week away from the start of SXSW Interactive and by now the schedule is locked. If your focus at SXSW is to learn how to better engage your online community, I’ve done the heavy sifting for you and chosen these five sessions for community managers.

    1. Community Managers: Ready for a Seat at the Table?
      This four-hour deep dive for community managers promises to leave you with 2-3 actionable takeaways to issues you may have. You must register for this workshop.

    2. Be a Community Conductor: Shaping Fan Chatter
      Fans are now engaging on a greater number of channels. This session looks at the challenges of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

    3. The Art & Science of Social Listening:
      This workshop focuses on how to approach social listening and measure success. You must register for this workshop.

    4. Online LEGO fans & the People Who Love Them:
      This is an advanced session for community managers who want to learn more about the best way to channel brand excitement without turning off your audience.

    5. Structuring Community During Exponential Growth:
      For the community manager who wants to ensure your internal community is just as healthy as your external audience.



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