Book Review: Lean In

Lean In book cover“Can I see that?” I asked my sister, right after she was handed the book from our dad as a birthday gift. It was a copy of Lean In by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

“What’s it about?” I asked.

“About women in business,” she responded.

I was intrigued. I’ve always been attracted to books on leadership especially with a focus on how women can achieve more in their careers. After reading the description, I was lured into the book and all its content. What wisdom would Sheryl have to share that I hadn’t heard before? Apparently a lot.

Sheryl addresses the barriers that we often place upon ourselves unknowingly that limit career advancement. From not “sitting at the table” as she likes to describe to waiting until you’re called upon to give your opinion are examples in her book.

For me, Lean In is a wake up call. It’s a gentle reminder that we haven’t reached equality in the workforce, not even close.

These anecdotal stories of time spent in the classroom to the boardroom are so encouraging that you feel compelled to take on more challenges by the end of the book.

Here are my three takeaways from reading the book:

  1. Try to be more cognisant of the times when I’m second guessing my opinions
  2. Have more confidence in the decisions I make
  3. Take on the bigger projects that scare me

Her words have certainly impacted many other people as well. She’s using the book as a launchpad to fuel more discussion in her online community of the same name. Her community of leaners have started their own discussion groups online and in their own communities. If you’re interested in learning more about Sheryl, the book and the Lean In community visit


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