Book Review: Renegades Write The Rules

Amy Jo Martin, Renegades Write the Rules

Renegades Write the Rules by Amy Jo Martin

I’ve read many books on marketing, business and social media in the last few years but rarely do I stumble upon a gem. I find there are a lot of books out there that repeat the same rhetoric without offering concrete examples to draw upon.

Author Amy Jo Martin is an entrepreneur who established herself as a social media expert early in the game, literally because she worked as the Director of Digital Media and Research at the Phoenix Suns before starting out on her own with her company Digital Royalty.

I enjoy how candid she was about pushing the boundaries at her position with the Phoenix Suns, so she could advance the team’s online presence. Even after getting her hand slapped on a few occassions for stepping out the lines, she didn’t apologize for trying new things like inviting the fans to a TweetUp before the game, which was somewhat new at the time or setting up Shaq’s Twitter account which was against company policy.

In her experience working with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, she talks about having a content ‘Value Balance’ on Twitter. She describes telling him to categorize his tweets into different types of content like: Education, Entertainment, Inspiration, Exclusive, Information, and Reciprocation. This is something I’ve actually adopted through my work for TIFF in describing how we can offer different types of content for different audiences.

Although this book refers to a lot of examples using social media, anyone who wants great examples on how to lead instead of follow would enjoy this book.


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