Watching Something Go Viral In Real Time

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever truly witnessed something go viral? Here is a good example. Take Cookie Monster, a beloved Sesame Street muppet and a classic live television program, put the two together and you have the ability to make the combined idea something for people to talk about.

Simply broken down: Sesame Street + Saturday Night Live = internet trending topic!


The clever marketers behind the Sesame Street franchise realized an opportunity to take two cultural icons, Cookie Monster and SNL and put them together, to do something that had never been done before.

The Facebook fan campaign for Betty White to become a host on SNL was a hit and like Betty White who had never hosted SNL before, neither has Cookie Monster.

When I saw the first tweet….

RT @sesamestreet: Cookie Monster needs your help – he wants to host SNL! Watch the video and hit LIKE here:

….I knew this idea was going to catch on. In a matter of minutes, the number of people who ‘liked’ this idea on Facebook jumped from about 300 to 600 people. That’s when I knew I better start documenting how fast the trend was going to spread.


12:38 pm…


12:39 pm…

12:40 pm…

12:45 pm…

12:47 pm…

12:58 pm…

3:06 pm…

3:10 pm…

3:27 pm…


…and so on…and so on… If you would like to ‘LIKE’ Cookie Monster on Saturday Night Live to, go to:


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