FABulous $10 iPad Giveaway from FabFind

Kudos to the fine people at FabFind. You created mass hysteria on the web when you announced the daily deal today would be a $10 iPad. Hard to believe? Absolutely! In fact, when learning of the deal this morning I had to turn to my Twitter tweeps to double check the deal was legit. When I signed into Twitter, I found out I was late to the party. The discussion was in full gear and as I found out, half of Toronto already knew about it before I did.

Word spread like wildfire, which caused their website to go down. At around 1:00 p.m. the CEO of the company sent out an e-mail to all subscribers with the subject, “Re: $10 iPads…whoa, people!”


FabFind CEO Response



The deal was most definitely legit and if you don’t believe me, just watch proof of the delivery of an iPad to a reluctant believer in this video.

Since the possibility of getting your hands on an iPad were like winning the lottery, FabFind decided to give away the last iPad to the winner of a Facebook contest. The rules are: you submit a reason for why you need/want an iPad in 140 characters, submit and vote on the best answer. The answer with the most responses, wins! Before you can submit your answer, or even view others’ responses you have to “like” their fan page on Facebook first…very smart marketing! Not only are people going to “like” this service, they are going to spread the message far and wide so people will vote for their answer.

I submitted an answer but not before realizing there was only one iPad to be given away, not the first 100 as my friend informed me.

As of right now their website is still down and I’m sure the owners are basking in a 1000% increase in traffic to their FabFind.com.


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