Cupcake Camp Toronto 2010

Seriously, what makes you happier than a cupcake? Okay, a few things but the cupcake I’m sure ranks high on most people’s lists of stuff they like.

Enter Cupcake Camp. A meet-up for cupcake fanatics, makers and bakers and shakers in the cupcake-making industry. Based on the BarCamp/DemoCamp style of conference, Cupcake Camp allows cupcake entrepreneurs and hobbyists the chance to showcase their sweet creations to the eager samplers of Toronto.

Traditional cupcakes like the vanilla, chocolate, red velvet and mint chocolate variety were available for sampling but interestingly enough people went to the extreme with some flavours. Elvis cupcakes in particular were all the rage. There were at least three different cupcakes that featured the banana-peanut butter combo that the King made so famous and one even had bacon on it! Speaking of bacon, there were three kinds of cupcakes that included bacon. I can’t say that I’m a big fan of meat with my sweets but it was worth trying out.

There were edible gold cupcakes, pear and green tea, strawberry daiquiri, orange creamsicle, black forest flavoured ones among the 50 or more varieties they had to try.

The most creative had to be the cupcakes in the flower pots, with crumbs on top to look like dirt, a flower sticking out and gummy worms for added realism. My favourite of the day though, was the cheeseburger cupcake that looked so much like an actual hamburger you would think there was meat in it.

If you ever want to sample more cupcakes than you can imagine, then find a way to get yourself to Cupcake Camp Toronto 2011!


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