Cupcake Heaven In Paris

Checking out the selection of goodies!

Mmm delicious cupcakes. What comes to mind when you think of that creamy frosting, chewy goodness and sweet flavour? I think heaven and I think I found exactly that in Paris. Toronto has its fair share of cupcake shops but how does Berko of Paris compare to T.O.’s finest? They rank pretty high in my books. Thanks to a cream cheese-like frosting, the cupcakes at Berko were extra sweet and with flavours like Crème Brûlée, Mascarpone Tiramisu and Praliné Cœur de Nutella, how can you go wrong? Not only do these cupcakes have french flair, (Cœur de Lion cream cheese, Poire caramel chocolat noisette) they are also made with the finest local ingredients.

We went to the location at 23 rue Rambuteau. Actually we stumbled upon it quite accidentally. After taking in the modern art at The Pompidou we were walking down rue Rambuteau and saw an amazingly decorated cake in the window and a sign that read “cream cheese cupcakes.” Naturally, that got my attention and I decided to walk in. Upon entering I was stunned to see the 40 or more choices of cupcakes in the window.

Now how to decide? Chocolate isn’t just chocolate in this store. Do you want dark chocolate, white chocolate, Nutella, chocolate chip, chocolat noisette? I went with the old standard, OREO and white chocolate raspberry…yummm!

To those cupcake diehards who think they’ve tried it all, I dare you to try one from Berko. Next time you are in the Paris area, visit one of their locations, 23 rue Rambuteau or 31 rue Lepic. They are open Tuesday to Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

My choice: raspberry and white chocolate.

I'm happy as a clam with my purchases!


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