Finding Cool in one of Paris’ Most Fashionable Districts

Manoush: A store with eye candy clothing

Le Marais, an area in Paris with parts in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. Known for cool chain clothing stores like Zadig and Voltaire, Sandro, Manoush, Paul & Joe and also for eclectic independent boutiques.

Le Marais is littered with beautiful leggy french women, stylish guys, French hipsters and fashionistas alike. It was hard to find a store I didn’t like, because everything in the area radiated cool.

First we went to Manoush, which has to be an Alice In Wonderland candy store for clothing. The colourful accessories and unique shoes made the store seem more like a museum than a place to shop.

It's all in the details

Outside Manoush

The Marais

Next we travelled across the street to a funky chain store called Paul and Joe’s Sister. Clothes don’t come cheap in this area. You can expect to spend anywhere between 40 and 700 Euros.

Paul and Joe: A store with amazing design, both clothing and decor

Outside Zadig & Voltaire - Rock & Roll meets couture

Zadig and Voltaire, easily one of my favourite stores because of the rock n’ roll edge it had to it. Black skinny jeans with ragged edges and studded leather jackets can be found in this cute boutique. Definitely expect to spend 80 Euros on a quirky t-shirt.

Creative displays can be seen in many of the stores in The Marais


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