The PodCamp Toronto 2010 Survival Guide

PodCamp Toronto 2010

February 20 to 21, 2010

Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University

Ah PodCamp…a great event that demands your full attention. Can you handle the responsibility of learning from great veteran speakers and ambitious newbies this weekend?

If you have never been to a camp before or even if you have and you saw the schedule of events on, it’s enough to intimidate the most fearless of conference hoppers.
Fear not young PodCampers! If you are ready to tackle PCT 2010, I assure you it will be a fun and exciting weekend.

The PodCamp Challenge:

  • Pick 5 sessions that stand out to you – Attend at least 5 sessions if you can. You may not want to stay for the whole weekend as a first timer but if you are going to come out, make it worthwhile and attend a few sessions you think you will enjoy.
  • It doesn’t matter which sessions you attend – The great thing about PodCamp is you learn from everyone. You learn from the speakers, from the people you network with and that includes the time in between sessions.
  • Meet at least 5 new people – That shouldn’t be hard to do considering PCT attracts hundreds to its event every year.
  • Write down people’s Twitter handles and other contact information – Be sure to follow up with them post-event.
  • Bring some business cards – Even if you are student, there are cheap and easy ways to get your information down on a piece of paper to hand out to people.
  • Take a recording device – Bring a video camera, digital camera, paper and pen or computer and share your ideas with other people who attended.
  • Attend the after parties – Sure this sounds like fun..and it is but it is also a great way to meet people and network in a social setting.
  • Follow the Twitter stream @PodCampToronto, to hear what people are saying about the event in real time.
  • Take notes, learn, take more notes, ask questions and soak up as much information as you can.

If you are very new to the world of social media, attend these sessions:

  • Podcasting for Amateurs: It’s Priceless
  • Social Media 101
  • The PodCamp Three (or Maybe Four or Even Five)


The bottom line is anyone who attends PodCamp is in a unique position to collect and absorb a ton of insight from leading experts for free! This event is one of the best because of the quality of speakers and knowledge that is shared over the course of the weekend. So get as much as you can out of PCT 2010 and have fun!


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