A Look at the Gratitude Tea

I immediately felt sad after our event concluded because I had poured a lot of passion and hard work into something I loved planning. It was a good sadness, a sigh of relief you could say after completing something you felt went off without a hitch and flew by too quickly. The Gratitude Tea, a charity event I planned with my best friends and sister was a huge success and I say that humbly because the positive feedback we received was overwhelming from event attendees and the charity. The money we raised in one afternoon for a good cause made me feel pretty good too.

The idea of a Gratitude Tea is to bring someone you are thankful for having in your life and sharing with everyone (if you wish) why you are grateful for them. Maybe this person has had a major impact on your upbringing or has influenced you positively. Naturally most brought their mothers and other family members but some came just to observe and enjoy a high tea on a lovely Sunday afternoon in downtown Toronto. 

The charity we raised money for, Dress for Success Toronto came to support the event and Jessica Roelink, the Executive Director spoke about how the money we raised will directly impact women in the GTA.

Thanks to the guests of the event, we were able to donate 18 bags of gently-used work clothing to Dress for Success as well as raise a couple thousand for the charity.

It was such a pleasure to organize this event with close friends and I look forward to making the event bigger and better next year.

Our site: www.gratitudetea.com


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