Nuit Blanche Scavenger Hunt


photos courtesy of The City of Toronto

photos courtesy of The City of Toronto




Warm clothes, check. Umbrella, check. Camera, Red Bull and Blackberry….check, check, check. Scavenger hunt list?

There are lots of things to do and see this October 3 but if walking around the downtown core checking out art installments doesn’t turn your crank then throw a little fun into the mix. Make the night a pub crawl and challenge your friends to find and do things along the way to make the walk from each Nuit Blanche exhibit a little more interesting.

The Scavenger Hunt Challenge
Here’s how it works:

During the course of the nuit, have your friends try to find/do the objects and activities listed below. 

If you accomplish 5 of the listed items, you get to veto an installment you would rather pass by. If there is more than one person who accomplishes five tasks, take turns choosing which exhibits you would like to go to. 

Accomplish 10 things and the person gets to choose which bar he/she would like to go to next and the group has to buy him or her a shot.

Accomplish 15 of the items on the list and everyone in the group has to buy that person a shot. 

Work in teams or compete as individuals against each other.



  • have your text or tweet projected onto the south-facing wall of the AGO
  • spot a $10 Monopoly bill 
  • find a Torontoist pin
  • spot a projected image of an airplane
  • spot a sign upside down
  • witness a cyclist and driver dispute
  • dance along to a dance troupe’s choreographed routine
  • spot someone doing a chalk drawing
  • have your make-up touched up at Clarins Skin Spa in Yorkville (87 Yorkville Ave.) all evening
  • find garbage bags used in someone’s art display
  • spot someone using a sewing machine
  • find someone doing acrobatics
  • get your photograph taken at a photobooth
  • order one of the 32 beers on tap at Sin and Redemption – 136 McCaul St. by OCAD and the AGO
  • spot a black chandelier
  • find someone holding a stereo and hum along to the music they are playing
  • spot a zombie
  • get your limited edition artwork by Guy Maddin at the The Drake’s General Store
  • spot someone Twittering
  • find someone dressed up as a bear, cat or dog and give them a high five
  • spot a parade float along Bloor or Queen St.
  • find someone doing a tarot card reading and perhaps have your fortune read to you
  • drink a Hot Toddy @ THE BEAVER – 1192 Queen St. W and listen to some disco tunes from 11:00 pm onwards
  • spot someone holding a photograph
  • give change to a busker or homeless person

Plan your route and get more information at


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