Being Thrifty Can Pay Off

I feel like I’ve seen this dress before. I was surprised to see a dress that looked incredibly similar to the one I had in my closet. While traveling to Chicago in June, I stopped by the BCBG section of Macy’s, only to discover a dress that looked a lot like the one I had purchased and altered a year before. Actually, the dress was a jumper when I bought it. While scouring the racks of Ex Toggery, a thrift store that can be described as Value Village’s cooler cousin, I found an oversized jumper that if altered could look like an amazing little cocktail party dress. I decided it was worth the $50 to spend and pay another $30 for alterations since no one would have something like it. 
First, I took the thick straps off to make it sleeveless, then had the mid section taken in so it would fit my waist.

Even though this dress had some differences, the general design of it is very similar to mine. The bottom may be a dark blue instead of black, but the tapering on the bottom is similar, as well as the shade of green on the top part of the dress, the high waist, the length and the texture. There is one main difference and that is the price. The BCBG dress retails for $200 US and I paid $80. I’m not always this thrifty but sometimes it feels good to save money.


Green Dress Comparison


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