Carol Richardson December 7, 1960 – August 3, 2009

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As some of you know my mother, Carol Richardson passed away last Monday at the age of 48.  She was tragically killed in a plane accident in Muskoka shortly after take off. Her companion Jack Lawrence was also killed in the accident.

This is a very hard time for us but I wanted to acknowlegde my mother publicly because a lot of people have been asking how I’m coping and I would rather share my thoughts instead of keep them to myself.

My mom was the best mom anyone could ask for. I knew she loved my sister and I very much and devoted her life to raising us. It is because of her that I am able to remain strong through this terrible time.

My mom lived life to the fullest and would tell us how much she was proud of us at every moment she could.

We will miss her terribly but with great friends, family and an amazing support network, my sister and I will be just fine.

Thanks for listening,


The obituary from the Toronto Star


5 thoughts on “Carol Richardson December 7, 1960 – August 3, 2009

  1. I love you so much Mel and even though I can’t even imagine what you are going through I’m here for you in every possible way as a shoulder to cry on or a friend to make you laugh. I love you so much!

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