Incubus Rocks My World

Last night I got the chance to see my favourite band live, for the third time and I have to say last night may have been their best concert yet. 

This time around they played a lot of their older songs, from Make Yourself which I believe is their most important, and from S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Of course they played all their mainstream hits and crowd favourites like Wish You Were Here, Dig, Drive and Nice to Know You. 

It was nice to hear some of their old favourites like Stellar, Pardon Me, A Certain Shade of Green and Redefine which is a lot heavier sounding than some of their new stuff.



One of the coolest covers I’ve seen them sing is Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy. The song is on their Monuments and Melodies album, which is basically their greatest hits on one disc and rare or unreleased tracks on another disc. 
I wasn’t sure they were going to play the song but they saved it for the very end of the encore and it was amazing!


Can’t wait for the next time they pass through town.


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