It’s Time to Stop Annoying the Facebook Friends With Twitter Updates

Facebook vs. Twitter

My sincerest apologies to all my non Twitter-using Facebook friends…for annoying you with all my Twitter updates.

I removed the Twitter application from my Facebook profile, that automatically updates my Facebook as soon as I update Twitter.

I don’t want to continue annoying my Facebook friends who didn’t ask to be bombarded with my status updates at least three times per day.

Secondly if they wanted to have a constant news stream of my life then they would follow me on Twitter, which is updated much more frequently. I don’t think Facebook should be used in the same way Twitter is used. They are completely different social tools and as much as Facebook wants to be Twitter it should just stick to what it’s good at; sharing photos and events. 

Facebook tried to evolve into a Twitter-like news stream, but if you ask me, Twitter was created for that very reason, to share Facebook- like status updates with people who were actually interested in knowing more about you. Since then Twitter has evolved into many other uses, but that’s a whole other blog post. 

That is what’s so great about both of these tools; they have different functions and the people who follow you on Twitter are not necessarily your Facebook friends and vice versa.

It also didn’t make sense to combine the two since such a small percentage of my Facebook friends use Twitter, so in order to keep the number of friends on Facebook, I’ve decided to keep Twitter and Facebook separate. 

Although this is a great tool for some, I came to the conclusion that it’s not right for me. Some people, like me use Twitter for business and Facebook for more personal use. While others are all business or all personal on both. Depending on what the purpose of you using these tools are then consider how and why you share the information you do.


3 thoughts on “It’s Time to Stop Annoying the Facebook Friends With Twitter Updates

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