Celebrities and Twitter: Don’t Do It Just Because You Think You Have To





















I was hesitant to add celebrities as Twitter friends. After all, I don’t know these people, I am merely just a fan of their work. When you have over 100,000 friends on Twitter, it’s impossible to connect with everyone individually and there is still a sense of anonymity on the part of celebs. It’s not like they are going to share their Friday night plans, or suggest to meet up at a bar, unless you are LeVar Burton.


Instead they use Twitter as a tool to reach out and engage in conversation with fans, which gets us one step closer to them. So maybe they won’t be revealing their real personality in their tweets, if it is really them twittering and not their publicist but at least they recognize their fans appreciate receiving up-to-the-minute information from their idols.


I decided to only add the celebs who are actually interested in Twittering, like Jimmy Fallon. He embraced Twitter from day one. Although, if you are Russell Brand or someone who can make me laugh, I wouldn’t mind being sent a funny comment, link or knowing when you’re releasing new material.


So for those celebs who haven’t embraced the social tool and don’t really care for it, I would suggest not to cave into the peer pressure. Just because all your other friends are doing it, doesn’t mean you have to do it too. I wouldn’t be interested in hearing what your publicist has to say on your behalf.


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