Finding the Right Winter Boots

There are only two things I like about winter. Snowboarding and ice skating. When not participating in either of these activities, I am usually indoors or doing everything I can to avoid the cold. 

As cold as it can be outside during the winter, the snow presents a whole new set of problems. For me, it is finding a pair of winter boots that will keep me warm but be stylish enough to wear around town. 

For the past two years I have been wearing either my heavy duty white snow boots, which although warm and waterproof, are disproportionately big and when paired with my white parka make me look like the Michelin woman.

My alternative to the snow boots are a pair of suede boots which are actually not meant for the snow at all and usually get wet as soon as they touch a millimeter of snow, which leave me with cold, wet feet and feeling very uncomfortable.

After much frustration with wearing these two pairs of shoes, I decided I must find a pair that were practical and stylish. At the beginning of my search, I was very optimistic. However, weeks and weeks of searching for winter boots with no success became increasingly frustrated. 

There were leather boots that were two thin to wear during the extreme cold weather days. There were boots that were too furry, too expensive, too cheap-looking and the list goes on. 

For weeks I went without finding the right pair of boots, until… one day, I found the pair I was looking for!

Enter Joe Fresh, a favourite clothing store of mine and one of the best sources for affordable trendy clothes.

After a long day at work, I decided to pop into Joe Fresh at St. Clair and Bathurst. There they were, right in front of me, in my size. Stylish, practical, everything I was looking for in a boot.



Half rubber boot, half riding boot, all mine! You can always count on Joe to be there when you need him.

Has anyone else had this winter boot dilemma?


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