A Mascara Test


Besides my cell phone, keys, wallet and bus pass there is one thing I cannot leave the house without. I always say if I had to choose only one cosmetic accessory, it would be my mascara. Forget the blush, you have natural colouring for that. Forget foundation, eye shadow and liquid liner, those are extras that if need be, you can do without. Mascara, however is what makes your eyes pop, and therefore is my most important piece of make up I own. 




That’s why I think it’s important to invest in the best. I’m now trying out a new mascara as part of a marketing program. For two weeks I am trying the new L’Oréal Paris; Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara. Included in the kit is; a smokey eye palette, brushes to apply the smokey eyes and liquid liner to give your eyes that extra punch. 


I’m really excited to try this product. I’ve tried every brand of mascara and want to know if this two-step application process that apparently nourishes your lashes and dramatically lengthens them is any better than other drug store brands.


Check back in a few days when I give my review on this product.


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