Time to Start the Holiday Season?

It was Nov. 1, the day after Halloween. I am walking along the sidewalk of a strip mall and what do I hear? Christmas music playing outside of Best Buy.

The Halloween decorations have barely been taken down and already they are starting the Christmas season.           



The early start to the holiday season is nothing new. Retailers love to play festive music, hang decorations in their stores and begin promoting holiday gift items as soon as Halloween concludes. Given that there isn’t a major Canadian holiday between Halloween and Christmas, that retailers can market to consumers, I can understand why they stretch out the shopping period for two months.

When I hear Christmas music, I start worrying that maybe I should begin Christmas shopping. The fact is no matter how early they bring out the holiday merchandise, I still manage to do all my shopping last minute. I will continue to remind myself that it is only the beginning of November and will not be influenced by Christmas music, but it is nice to listen to I must admit.


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