A PodCamp Montreal Report

I love PodCamp Montréal 2008

It’s day two here in beautiful Montreal. A little chillier than yesterday but that doesn’t matter, because we’re having such a good time here absorbing the newest in social media information and making new friends.

Yesterday David Usher and Mitch Joel spoke about the state of the music industry and how they have learned to adapt to changing times. Loved the part when David told everyone that he is inspired to write music at any moment, even when on the toilet. Hope that’s not when he is posting new music or tweeting.

Day two promises to be as good as day one so looking forward to what the speakers have to say.


2 thoughts on “A PodCamp Montreal Report

  1. Nice to see you are updating regularly again, Melissa. I will see you and other CorpComm friends at WordCamp soon enough…!

    David Usher… I’ll have to go listen to old Moist CDs now, I can’t predict if that music will have held up in my head or seem silly now. It may be criminal to say this but I listen to old Nirvana and feel like the alt-rock of the early nineties was a bit of a laugh. Pearl Jam still seems good for some reason, though…

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