Braving the Behemoth

I’ve been on large Roller Coasters before. Roller Coasters that have an infinite number of loops, that travel backwards and ones that get up to 60mph in three seconds. My resume of coasters include Kumba and Montu at Busch Gardens in Florida, (both are enormous four seats across Roller Coasters), Rock n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s MGM Studios and every single Coaster at Canada’s Wonderland. I thought with my experience on these coasters, that I could handle anything until I saw the Behemoth at Wonderland.

The first drop that looks like it is on a 90 degree angle looked very intimadating from the highway. Right up until the very last minute before I went down the big drop, my heart was racing in anticipation of what might be. 

Watch this video for my reaction…


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