A sMeshing Success

Of all the networking, listening to panelists, tech experts and their predictions for the future of web 2.0 I found the other attendees, or should I say participants and the stories they had to tell the most interesting part of the Mesh experience.

Everyone I met was able to contribute to the conversation of social media in their own unique way. I met C.E.O.s of start-ups, bloggers, wiki consultants and creators of web videos. Although there were a variety of participants at this conference, everyone was there because of their passion for the web and all the many wonderful applications it has.

Mesh is a two-day conference for anyone and everyone who is interested in social media and the impact it has on business and society.

This was my first time at Mesh, but it definitly left a good impression on me. During the two days, I was able to hear the inspiring story of Ethan Kaplan and how he was able to refocus the way Warner Bros. Records used technology on their website. David Usher and Kieran Roy of Arts and Crafts gave great insight into the future of the music industry while Katie Delahaye Paine and Sylvain Perron created a discussion around the measurement of social media. 

The sessions aside, the conference was very well attended, again it was sold out and attracted people from around Ontario and North America.

I will definitly be there again next year…can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “A sMeshing Success

    • I am also impressed with how many famous people they get on the show. I guess that’s how they keep it current and hip, good for the parents and the kids!

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