Discovering the Alternative

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According to Wikipedia and, alternative fashion means “fashion on the fringe” or influenced by a subculture i.e. punk or goth. Last night at [FAT] or Alternative Fashion Week at the Distillery District, there was plenty of artistry and not too many practical pieces of clothing.

In my quest to pinpoint the term “alternative” I referred back to my Alternative Media class in University. Although alternative media and fashion are two completely different concepts I was hoping to draw some pararells in order to grasp what I was watching.

I was trying to understand how alternative it was to the mainstream L’oReal Fashion Week in Toronto. Are the clothes the only thing alternative about the event? Or is the whole event in general supposedly alternative? Besides the significantly smaller venue and press coverage, many of the same LFW-goers were in attendance, so to me [FAT] seems like L’oReal Fashion Week’s younger, more rebellious cousin.

Despite a significantly smaller crowd, I ran into my fashion-forward friend Sonja, who was sporting a watch-inspired necklace. Not to be outdone was a new friend I met who was participating in the show.

The shows were a mix of choreographed dancing, singing and of course strutting down the runway. Only in its first year, [FAT] has already garnered a lot of attention among the fashion elite in the city, thanks to new social media outlets like Facebook and Canadian fashion blogs. Even Fashion Television was there to capture the work of new and experienced artisans.

[FAT] runs till April 11 at the Distillery District. For more information visit



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