It’s Official! WordCamp is Coming To Toronto

Inspired by our visit to Dallas for WordCamp, my boss and I have decided to start planning a WordCamp: Toronto! The two-day conference will be held at Centennial College’s Progress campus from October 4 to 5 and will bring out some of the biggest bloggers from around Toronto.
Planning is in the early stages but we have received some interest from people around North America who would be interested in attending and speaking at the event. More information will be available in the next few weeks.

To get more information about the event and to register visit the website:


5 thoughts on “It’s Official! WordCamp is Coming To Toronto

  1. Hi Melissa
    I tried to contact Mathieu Yuill about WordCamp but he’d gone on vacation (his auto-email said). I was asking about whether WordCamp Toronto 2008 would have a list of speakers lined up in advance and if so who they might be and beyond that if there was any chance that I might be one of them. I’m a podcaster with hundreds of shows posted and millions of downloads.
    Once I hear back I’ll register.

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  3. We have had several people register for the event already. We are in the process of putting together an official website, once we do we will update the registration section.

  4. Melissa, just realized that I know your boss Mathieu. When he was a kid in my church’s youth group, we just called him Matt. It’s funny to hear someone calling him “my boss”! Anyway, we’ve chatted before at Third Tuesday (we were introduced by Rayanne a few events ago), sorry I didn’t say Hi tonight.

    Mathieu had asked me to be part of WordCamp when you guys first posted it. Not sure what I could have contributed, but I think I’m going to be in Iceland until October 5. I’ll look forward to reading about it while I’m there. OK, maybe not while I’m there, but upon my return! 🙂

  5. Hi James,

    Small world isn’t it. Third Tuesday was pretty good last night, I’m going to now have to listen to his radio show on CBC.

    Too bad you won’t be in town for WordCamp, but Iceland sounds really exciting.

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