Becoming Geek Savvy: WordCamp So Far

WordCamp Dallas is off to a good start. Already I have learned how to be more influential, how to keep track of who is reading my blog, better podcasting and webcasting techniques and met interesting people from around the U.S. The conference began with a seminar from WordPress creator and blogging rock star, Matt Mullenweg. I was told he is only 23 years-old but has already accomplished so much. I was excited to learn about all the great things the soon to be unveiled WordPress 2.5 can do. This new version is not only faster and more efficient but will have mobile blogging abilities, have more room for additional plug ins, have a blogging directory of other users and will be more podcast-friendly. Lunch included authentic Texas food like brisket, sausage, sweet tea and corn bread, all very delicious might I add. After lunch, we attended a few more seminars, which included very useful tips from successful bloggers and podcasters. I can’t wait to attend day two tomorrow. For now we are off to the Irish pub in Frisco, more updates to follow.
WordCamp Dallas


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